A Rewards Program For the Future

At LifeStyleMD, we believe that you should be in charge of your life, and your data. Introducing a new way to take care of your digital life – the BOLD Rewards program.

Our first step is to offer you a FREE-for-life decentralized domain name using the .bold top-level domain. Get yours HERE.

Decentralized Domain Name for Rewards

The Domains are free, the rewards will be plenty

Over the next few months we will roll out several integrations including:

  • Connection to purchases to accumulate rewards tokens
  • Interactive applications that multiply rewards
  • Collectible digital assets which can be exchanged for stickers and other LifeStyleMD stuff
  • NFT Exchange for trading digital assets with friends
  • Tokens that can be redeemed for products or other benefits
  • Community driven ideas for improving the experience
  • More!